Beacon Allsorts ‘It’s Uncredible!’

Beacon Allsorts2

In collaboration with 7DKS we just did an advert for Liquorice Allsorts with SA comic actors Corne and Twakkie (Rob van Vuuren & Louw Venter from ‘The Most Amazing Show’).

7DKS gave the creative direction and the bucks to make it all happen and we did the producing and DOP work.

The ad was freakin’ hilarious to shoot as Rob, Louw as well as Bevan Cullinan ,director, came with a non-stop comic creative energy. Pretty much the whole thing was shot on green as didn’t really make sense to fly all over the world to get the scenes we needed for the production to work.

Check it out!

A first of its Kind (and probably the first of many) so thanks to the help of a great team we made it happen!

Script: Nas Who
Story Boards: Kyle Baillie
Direction: Bevan Cullinan
DOP: Gavin Pincus
Lighting/AD: Michael Jaspan
Sound: Nick Williams
PD: Imke Nina Gehring
Make-up: Sonya Bester
Post Production: 7DKS (Jonathan Corns, Kyle Baillie)
Produced by: 7dks, Gavin Pincus & Michael Jaspan
Behind The Scenes shot by: Lubabalo Wilson

Special Thanks to:
Brad Devine
Studio Revolution
Debbie Hooper

Beacon Allsorts
Beacon Allsorts1
Beacon Allsorts2