Stay ahead of the game: Why your brand needs video marketing


Four motivations your company will benefit from video as a marketing tool.

Let’s be real. In our digital information age, the easiest, most digestible way to convey a message is favoured. Stats don’t lie; the effectiveness of video is undeniable.

Video marketing seems an obvious choice when wanting to get your company or brand out into the world. You can convey a message quickly and reach a mass audience with expertly produced visuals, sounds and content.

If executed properly your company will benefit from video marketing. Here’s why:

Digestible content

Not many people have time to read lengthy mission statements. Videos are quick, easy and engaging.

People can relate to your personality
Because you are able to express your brand personality, people will be able to identify with your product or vision, which means that they are more likely to spend time on your website and more likely to buy your product.

Free marketing to a wide audience
Videos are shared – a well-produced video with a memorable message has the potential to reach a massive audience, any time, any where, in a short space of time. Best of all? Sharing is not only caring – it’s free.

Improve your rankings
Rich content means interactive images and videos. This type of content is greatly rewarded by Google by improving your search ranking.

Not only that, the second biggest search engine in the world happens to be YouTube. Algorithms on both platforms are similar, but the advantages of YouTube are that you can have your own channel.