The Perfect Wedding Video


The Perfect Wedding Video

Let’s face it, every single bride on this planet has either wanted, or still wants, the perfect wedding video. Yes, the fact is the photographer probably gets more time with said bride and groom, but the video is where the actual moments are captured.

Now, ‘let’s start at the very beginning’…

The Gear:
As we all know, equipment becomes obsolete very quickly because of the constant advancements in technology. You don’t need the highest-end gear to shoot great wedding videos, in some cases the basics will do just fine. In fact, many of today’s couples will probably ask for older models to create a vintage ‘feel’. The basic equipment that you’ll need to shoot wedding videos includes a fluid head tripod, remote microphone system and or audio recorders. HD camcorders are always a plus.

The Rehearsal:
It might seem arb, but attend the wedding rehearsal. Start building a ‘relationship’ with the couple. Also, this is essential if you are just starting out. For others, seeing the rehearsal helps you avoid problems with lighting, microphone placement, and blocked views. Any last minute requests for the wedding video that they, or you, may have can be discussed before the wedding day rush is on.

The Bride and Groom:
Keep in mind what they want. This isn’t your directorial debut, get as many shots of them as you can; holding hands at the rehearsal, when they first see each other at the ceremony, walking out together after the vows, the little looks they give each other at the reception, laughing, dancing and enjoying the spotlight. Get other people to talk about them on-camera. Concentrate on getting those once-in-a-lifetime shots… it is an once-in-a-lifetime day after all.