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The art of film making

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Same Day Edits

nights of very little sleep

We’ve had nights of very little sleep, and intend to sleep even less!

Same day edits are about cinematically capturing the vibes at any event and finding cool, creative ways to show the story on the same day / night as the event. This is a cool way to hone our craft under pressure and the audience loves them!


making things look pretty

As Film Guys we pride ourselves on making things look pretty!

Interviews and FAQ sections on YouTube have become a growing way to create a strong Google presence. We’ve done many interviews, fireside chats, documentary shoots, vox pops and testimonials. Our focus is always to create a clean cinematic look and to get high quality audio. We crave an international look/feel and work hard to find/create interesting environments, sets, backgrounds and angles to make your interviews stand out from the standard.

The Guys

Michael & Gavin


Michael Jaspan

He’s the Writer/Director guy.Since Mike started with TheFilmGuys he has always maintained the same approach to the industry and life in general; work hard and be as open minded and creative as you can be.  With a thoughtful and precise methodology, Mike is an asset to any production. He has delved deeply into various other visual disciplines, which he uses to influence his work, but right now he is working on growing a beard to match the majesty of his partner’s.

Current Skills

  • Writing/directing
  • Cinematography/editing
  • Lighting/grading

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Creative Film

‘Write With Me’ – Music video (Direction & Edit) (Photography by Gavin Pincus)

‘Butterfly’ – Experimental narrative short film (Direction & Edit)

‘UV MCS’ – Music video (Direction, Photography & Edit)

‘MediaMonster’ – Art exhibition launch piece (Direction, Photography & Edit) (With Nick Hooper)

‘Speed Of Dark’ – Creative piece (Photography & Edit) (In collaboration with Mongo Ntombeni)

‘South Bound’ – Fashion film (Direction, Photography, Edit & Character Role)

Commission & Adverts

‘INDWE TVC 2016’ – (Direction) (Photography by Gavin Pincus)

‘Luminet World’ – Mobile app advert (Direction) (Photography by Gavin Pincus)

‘Cell C GetMore’ – Mobile campaign (A series of advert style videos highlighting service provider benefits) (Direction, Edit & Character Role) (Photography by Gavin Pincus)

‘GetMore DRIVE’ – (Example of GetMore campaign) View full series here

‘MTN 1Call-Meet Grace’ – Corporate commercial (Direction & Edit) (Photography by Gavin Pincus)

‘Beat Corruption’ – NGO political cinematic (Direction, Photography & Edit)

‘RH Induction Cooker’ – (Direction & Edit) (Photography by Gavin Pincus)

‘Made To Order’ – Cooking advert (Direction, Photography & Edit)

‘Hey Jude’ – Mobile app launch video (Direction, Edit & Character Role)

‘The Showroom’ -Fashion exposure video (Direction, Cine & Edit)



Gavin Pincus

He’s the cinematographer guy.Gav is the other 50% of the machine. He is technical guy and likes to try out new things, and fiddle with cool toys on each job he tackles. As much of a new school tech junkie as he is, he’s also a sucker for old school cinematography, and has been found weeping on the floor after watching Jurassic Park for the god-knows-howmainieth time. He blends the essential tricks of cinematography with solid, old school methods to make sure that each composition delivers the message with the best efficacy. He has the more majestic beard.

Current Skills

  • Cinematography
  • Conceptualization/production management
  • Editing
  • VFX consulting

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About Us

The art of film making

There is nothing quite like film. Any art form has the ability to evoke strong emotions in its audience, but film has the epic power to do that through a time framed narrative. It is this, along with a combination of sensory factors that enable it to speak directly and intimately to the audience. Film offers escapism, entertainment, or serves as a time capsule for your memories. The right production company will be able to deliver whatever it is the client desires to evoke, on film. This is where we, The Film Guys, come in…

The Inspired Production Company

The Film Guys opened their doors in 2010 with the aspiration to create a production company that brings the true essence of the film medium to the masses. Since our establishment we have stayed true to this goal. Simply for the love of art and storytelling.

Our team will go wherever your story takes us and because of this we are available for filming on location throughout South Africa and abroad. Our clients and their individual stories are precious to us and we will make sure to work closely with them. We work hand in hand with them to ensure that we are able to capture the true essence of their message/concept.

Our Philosophy

  • The Film Guys believe that to produce great work, one needs to apply great skill with a personal touch. Our mission is to always provide our clients with a unique piece of art that is designed specifically for them.

Our Friends

other film guys/girls we work with

Our Services

no criminal intentions - just slick videos

If you are looking to create slick looking cinematic corporate videos, music videos or even just a simple video to document your wedding or corporate event, you have come to the right place! We capture the very essence of the story, creating a body of work we can all be proud of.

Services for Hire

  • DOP work
  • Directing
  • Conceptual / Pre-production
  • Producing

Production Services

  • Commercials
  • Corporates
  • Wedding pieces
  • Interviews

  • Documentaries
  • Music videos
  • Animations
  • Films

How We Work

We handle most of our work in-house, but we also assemble production teams that work on a project-to-project basis, depending on the scale of the vision and we’ll also handle the whole production. We share space with a software developer and a digital agency, so running full campaigns and developing new vessels for stories to be told with is a piece of cake for us. Also, we can make sure people see them…

Our Blog

day to day


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