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The art of film making

TheFilmGuys is a film agency focused on creating cinematic videos for clients who appreciate a holistic, intellectual, visual and story-based approach. We are focused on quality content and offer a medium to high range of film making consultancy.

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We run solo projects from start to finish like TVCs and documentary pieces while working with you as our client – bringing your vision to fruition.

We’ve also got quick, creative and efficient connections with physical studios, sound studios, acting talent and bigger post-production agencies that we utilise as the scope of the project demands. We keep our highly skilled team (for any given project) intimate, sometimes as small as one or two people, and energized. This helps us to save on unnecessary client costs and generally favours skill over human resource.

We pride ourselves on finding artistic solutions to difficult creative problems and feasibility issues. We’ve been running for ten years and are the go-to supplier and video partner for many other South African and international agencies. In 2019 we’re focusing mainly on medium to high end corporate/agency videos and social media video campaigns.

What we do best

  • We create direction based social media video campaigns in an advert like style
  • We create medium or high-end cinematic event synopsis videos
  • Make corporate stories and NGO/NPO documentaries
  • Create short lifestyle pieces for individuals and small companies
  • Create short cinematic stories and music videos
  • Consult on feature-length projects and yearlong campaigns
  • Cinematically (commercially) appealing interviews


The art of film making


The art of film making




corporate / event

The Guys

Michael Jaspan & Cody Van Wyk


Director, DP and Company Director.

Michael, born 1987 is a South African commercial/corporate film/video director and photographer. His professional work has ranged from directing and shooting creative synopsis videos to directing product adverts for TV and documentaries.

Although he is focused on directing, he believes the ability to direct film comes modestly from learning and trading in a vast array of surrounding skills.

My Work

  • DP work spanning the globe on various platforms
  • DP work on international documentary series
  • DP work on a local, award winning, documentary project
  • Directing and DP work on a documentary about the independent cinema circuit
  • Creative direction on dozens of successful YouTube video campaigns
  • DP and editing work on over 100 cinematic wedding experience videos
  • 1 000s of hours of film editing on commercial projects at a freelance level as well as same day edits presented to over 5 000 people
  • Directing and lighting on South African music videos since 2014
  • Directing South African TV ads

  • DP work for Swedish TV and CNN
  • Creative direction for dozens of startup videos for companies now trading in various industries
  • Film direction with children, in fashion, in the NGO and legal sector
  • Fine art commissions and independent sales (click here to see Michael’s art)
  • Selected photography for a poetry book cover and print document publications
  • Photography for album artwork for music albums and posters
  • BA in motion picture
  • SAVOA voice over certificate


Videographer / Content Creator

Cody van Wyk is an exciting, young filmmaker who has good knowledge in the mechanics of camera work and creating images & video that are pleasing to the eye. He has a background in documentary work through vlog style videos and tries to achieve an authentic feel in the work he creates.

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