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Michael Jaspan

He’s the Writer/Director guy.Since Mike started with TheFilmGuys he has always maintained the same approach to the industry and life in general; work hard and be as open minded and creative as you can be.  With a thoughtful and precise methodology, Mike is an asset to any production. He has delved deeply into various other visual disciplines, which he uses to influence his work, but right now he is working on growing a beard to match the majesty of his partner’s.

Current Skills

  • Writing/directing
  • Cinematography/editing
  • Lighting/grading

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Gavin Pincus

He’s the cinematographer guy.Gav is the other 50% of the machine. He is technical guy and likes to try out new things, and fiddle with cool toys on each job he tackles. As much of a new school tech junkie as he is, he’s also a sucker for old school cinematography, and has been found weeping on the floor after watching Jurassic Park for the god-knows-howmainieth time. He blends the essential tricks of cinematography with solid, old school methods to make sure that each composition delivers the message with the best efficacy. He has the more majestic beard.

Current Skills

  • Cinematography
  • Conceptualization/production management
  • Editing
  • VFX consulting

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The art of film making

There is nothing quite like film. Any art form has the ability to evoke strong emotions in its audience, but film has the epic power to do that through a time framed narrative. It is this, along with a combination of sensory factors that enable it to speak directly and intimately to the audience. Film offers escapism, entertainment, or serves as a time capsule for your memories. The right production company will be able to deliver whatever it is the client desires to evoke, on film. This is where we, The Film Guys, come in…

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