Video Production

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The Art of Film Making

Film making is a specialised art form that has the power to evoke an emotional response in the viewer. This is what we at The Film Guys are passionate about, bringing a personal experience to life through the lens. Our team is impassioned by this artistry and it is this appreciation for their work that will ensure our clients receive only the most outstanding videos. Our video production company strives to deliver an edgy, visually appealing and innovative finished product to all our clients. From creative and personalised wedding videos to dynamic corporate videos, we are able to capture your memories and your vision perfectly.

There are three simple concepts that drive our business:

  • Creativity
  • Personalised Services
  • High End Videography

We invest every bit of ourselves into each and every one of our projects, and because of this hands on approach, we offer an all-inclusive film service. Every member in The Film Guys team, from our innovative videographer to our inspired video editing team, plays an important role in capturing the client’s memories on screen. We are truly able to express your story eloquently for you.

Our Experience

The Film Guys team is experienced in a vast array of fields. We have filmed a multitude of high end weddings and have been able to evoke the personal story of the couple. It is the couple’s intimate story that we believe to be the most important part of wedding videography and it is our goal to capture it in the most innovative of ways. The same concept applies to our documentary film making,
it is about capturing the raw reality of the situation in all its truth and making sure the work is always emotionally compelling. We are also specialists in corporate videos and commercials. This is because we are able to bring the specific business or product’s vision to life on screen and will always grab the audiences attention through our editing, cinematography and our concept.

The Film Guys Services:

  • Complete Conceptualisation of the Project – Scripting/ Story Boarding
  • Pre-Production – Gathering crew and organisation of the filming process
  • Cinematography – Creative filming and visual excellence
  • Video Editing – Editing of video efficietly and innovatively
  • Wedding Videography – We aim to provide our clients with an emotional and personal masterpieced of their magical day
  • Corporate Videography – With our creativity and talent, we will keep the audience truly entertained
  • Commercial Videography – Our team will capture the essence of a commercial’s product and message
  • Documentary Film Making – The Film Guys will capture authenticity through the lens

As one of the most dynamic video production companies in South Africa, we can guarantee all of our clients will receive a product that they never imagined possible.

The Film Guys, doing it for the love of art!