About DSLR Cinematography


The first DSLR cameras that were capable of shooting good quality, HD videos came to the scene in 2008 and just two years later DSLR cinematography took the independent filmmaking industry by storm. These compact cameras produce high quality videos that give professional-looking videos at a low cost compared to the cost you would have paid using more elaborate equipment.

It is no surprise that DSLR cinematography has revolutionised filmmaking especially considering the state of the global economy. The best thing about DSLR cameras is that they are relatively easy to use and one does not need formal training to use them properly. You can even surf the net for tutorials and start filming amazing, high definition films.

DSLR cinematography was originally more popular amongst those filming wildlife and journalists following volatile situations like strike demonstrations and protests. This is because while DSLR cameras produce high-quality videos, they are also very light, compact and easy to carry around. They are also incredibly easy to operate and that helps greatly when an opportunity to film ground breaking footage arises unexpectedly.

Some popular films that were shot using DSLR cameras include ‘Like Crazy’ which was filmed on a budget of $250 000 but ended up being bought by Paramount for the whopping amount of $4 million after it won the Sundance Film Festival. Another DSLR filmed movie that did well was For Lovers Only which ended up raking in over $500 000 in earnings. DSLR Cinematography continues to grow and with advancements in technology, the possibilities are endless.